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....OEM & Brand Wholesaling to the Most Distinguished Vape Shops

We have a professional, courteous staff to work with the vape shop community. Our e liquid (e juice) wholesale services extend from vaping boutiques tucked in gas stations to dedicated vaping company stores in malls. From a small case to a full scale vaping lounge chain, our range of packages can meet your needs and budget.

Our e liquid products are award winning and the best, pure premium quality. Whether you wish to sell individual 12ml bottles of e liquid as our retail brand, or convert to your private label, the e liquids will basically sell themselves. Customers everywhere rave about the  vapor production and rich, delicious flavor of our e liquids. We currently have nearly 200 flavors and variations. We can also create signature e liquid flavors to suit the regional needs of your customers.

Our e liquids are made with nicotine extracted from USA grown tobacco close to our production facility. We (figuratively) eat, breathe, live and vape our e-liquids. Whether retailing or wholesaling, our number one priority is the premium quality of our products and sharing with the vaping community.

We wish to share with you the benefits of selling such delicious, wholesome, USA made e liquid. We would love to welcome you into our e liquid wholesale family and enjoy watching your success!

USA Nic Juice